UV Disinfection for Animal Shelters

Benefits of using UV disinfection in animal shelters.

The infectious diseases a shelter’s intakes may be harboring are the great unknowns that could result in outbreaks that can shut down a shelter for weeks, impacting finances, reputation, fundraising, and adoption rates indefinitely. Aerapy Animal Health brings the science behind UV to animal shelter environments to help mitigate the spread of infectious disease and improve organization health by increasing adoption rates, reputation, and financial stability.

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Benefits of using UV disinfection in animal shelters:

  • Tests show Aerapy Animal Health’s UV can kill more than 99% of Bordetella brochiseptica (kennel cough), parvovirus, distemper, calicivirus, canine influenza, among other infectious pathogens.

  • Real-life kitten nursery shelter study shows an 87.1% decrease in URIs.

  • Helps reduce animal to animal transmission of viruses and bacteria.

  • Provides advanced infection control for incoming animals with unknown vaccination histories.

  • Helps disinfect the hard to reach areas of walls, lights, kennel doors, diagnostic equipment, play areas and food prep rooms, after normal cleaning procedures.

  • Eliminates the cost of yearly maintenance for HVAC coil cleaning.

  • Effective UV solutions for areas without HVAC system.

Preventing respiratory infections in an animal shelter

Upper respiratory infections can spread in an instant.

Few animal care environments are more at-risk for the spread of infectious disease than animal shelters. Most animals with their own unknown health status are delivered directly to the shelter, dropped off by animal control or as owner surrenders—frequently bringing with them coughs, sneezes, and dander, all of which could carry infectious pathogens. And for those you pick up, often from deplorable conditions, before you can get them back to the shelter where you can better assess them, there’s still a long ride ahead in your mobile transportation unit. You hear a cough. A sneeze. You can see the dander floating in the air.

Shelter infection control needs a multipronged approach that includes UV.

Even with vaccine protocols in place, mitigating the spread of infectious disease must be a multipronged strategy to protect the health of the animals in your care as well as the health of your organization. Part of that strategy is to stop the spread of infectious disease at every possible point, from your mobile unit to the indoor kennels. UV has been studied and used to help prevent the spread infectious diseases in human health care environments for close to 100 years.

Aerapy Animal Health’s UV technology is shelter-tested.

A team of veterinarians conducted a three-year retrospective observational field trial in the kitten nursery of an animal shelter using Aerapy Animal Health’s Zone360 upper air UV system. Based on an evaluation of the facility, our UV equipment was also installed in the HVAC system. The upper air unit was for immediate reduction of pathogens in the nursery while UV integrated with the HVAC helped clean the air as it circulated through the facility’s ventilation system. Data was collected on the number of kittens diagnosed with upper respiratory infections (URIs). Researchers found that URIs decreased by 87.1% when the UV air disinfection systems were operated continuously. Study is published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

UV sanitizing in animal shelters.

More often than not, the animals you save do not come with up-to-date vaccinations and medical histories. Aerapy Animal Health’s UV technology has been shown to kill more than 99.9% of tested virus and bacterial pathogens. To read more about the shelter study and for additional details on test results, visit our Research & Studies page. Aerapy Animal Health offers UV technology solutions for mobile units and solutions for shelter facilities with and without HVAC systems.

UV Disinfection Solutions for the Animal Care Industry

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