Veterinary UV Disinfection

Benefits of UV Sanitizing in Veterinary Offices

Veterinary clinics and hospitals are introduced to infectious diseases in their facilities on a daily basis. Aerapy Animal Health’s UV technology helps forward-thinking owners and managers of veterinary practices in the fight against infectious diseases to help protect the animals, their staff, and their business.

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Benefits of using UV disinfection in veterinary hospitals and clinics:

  • Tests show Aerapy Animal Health’s UV can kill more than 99% of Bordetella brochiseptica (kennel cough), parvovirus, distemper, calicivirus, canine influenza, among other infectious pathogens.

  • Helps reduce animal to animal transmission of viruses and bacteria.

  • Supports decreased downtime for disinfecting critical areas (e.g., surgical suites, iso rooms, exam rooms), after normal cleaning procedures.

  • Helps protect veterinary personnel from possible zoonotic exposure.

  • Lessens the risk of staff illnesses between coworkers.

  • Eliminates the cost of yearly maintenance for HVAC coil cleaning.

  • Effective UV solutions for areas without an HVAC system.

Disinfection is critical for animal care environments.

While ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, or UV, has been used for disinfection in human healthcare settings for close to century, it is not as well known for animal health. Nevertheless, the same disinfecting principles apply and may be even more critical in animal care environments to not only prevent animal to animal transmission, but to help the humans as well. Veterinary personnel are on the frontlines of zoonotics, those diseases that transfer between animals and humans.

Reduce downtime.

UV can continuously clean the air either integrated with an HVAC system, or in upper air UV units for more immediate, targeted air cleaning, or used in surface disinfecting UV equipment to follow-up after normal surface cleaning to help ensure no areas are missed. That means UV technology can help reduce downtime for disinfecting surgical suites, surgical prep rooms, iso rooms, ICU, exam rooms, and more. Mobile units can also benefit from decreased downtime with UV technology designed specifically for veterinary care on wheels.

Reduce staff illness and attrition.

Along with reducing potential allergy-causing pathogens in the air, UV technology can help reduce illnesses spread between co-workers which can mean improved work performance and fewer work absences. Further, a study of occupational hazards in veterinary practices found that claims of occupational disease were filed 2.7 times more often by veterinarians and their staff than by general practitioners and their staff. The study, “Work-related accidents and occupational diseases in veterinarians and their staff,” concluded that the prevention of occupational diseases should focus on skin diseases, respiratory disease, and infection.

Improve energy savings.

Aerapy Animal Health’s UV for HVAC units will help breakdown the biofilm, mold, and hair, not allowing them to adhere to the coils. The coils are continually clean, thereby not blocking airflow or causing any pressure drop, and eliminating the cost of yearly maintenance for coil cleaning. Learn more on our UV Energy Savings page.

Proven UV Cleaning for Animal Care

Aerapy Animal Health collaborates with veterinarians to help ensure specific needs are being met and understood. To help ensure precisely how much germicidal energy is needed, our UV systems and proprietary sizing method are based on a continuously updated database of new, emerging, and existing zoonotic, animal, and human pathogens. Our researched, tested, and study-backed UV systems have been shown to kill more than 99.9% of tested virus and bacterial pathogens. See our Research & Studies page for details.

UV Disinfection Solutions for the Animal Care Industry

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In-Duct UV for HVAC Systems

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Upper Air UV Systems

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UV for Mobile Services

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