UV Disinfection for HVAC Systems

Benefits of UV Light for HVAC Systems

Your HVAC system or furnace is a vital component in the strategy to contain and limit the spread of airborne infections.

When infected animals cough, sneeze, or shed dander, they release pathogens into the air via droplets. These infected droplets evaporate into millions of tiny particles which circulate through the air. They cling to dust and can remain infectious until inhaled by another animal or person. Once present, these airborne pathogens can circulate throughout your HVAC system and remain infectious for significant periods of time.

In-Duct UV for HVAC Systems

UV Systems for HVAC Air Handling Units

Aerapy's in-duct UV for HVAC systems diagram

HVAC systems with UV help neutralize microorganisms.

When air enters your air intakes, it passes through our in-duct UV units made for HVAC systems. This neutralizes both coil surface and airborne mold, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms before they circulate throughout your indoor environment. Learn more on our Air Cleaning vs. Coil Cleaning page.

Moreover, with our multiple air and coil surface disinfection units, Aerapy Animal Health can properly size UV for your new or existing HVAC system to quickly and efficiently kill more than 99.9% of tested virus and bacterial pathogens. The spectrum of hardiness tested against for viruses ranged from unstable (easy to kill) to highly resistant. Learn more on our Research & Studies page.

UV technology eliminates and kills before infections can spread.

Our UV technology, that harnesses the power of UV-C light, helps to effectively eliminate and kill allergens, bacteria, and viruses such as canine (kennel) cough, canine influenza, and other flu viruses, as well as other illnesses that impact both animals and humans, before they have a chance to spread infections.

“Recycled air can be treated to kill pathogens and remove odors. When properly sized and positioned, add-on UV-C (ultraviolet C) modules will keep air conditioning coils clean—a common source of bio growth—and clean the airstream. One company I like, Aerapy Animal Health*, makes veterinary-specific units that can often be retrofitted into existing equipment, depending on the type.”

– “Squeaky Clean” by Paul Gladysz, AIA, NCARB, CSI, ICC
Today’s Veterinary Business (June 2020)
* Formerly Petairapy