UV Disinfection for Pet Boarding & Daycare

Sanitizing Pet Boarding Facilities with UV-C Light

The business of pet boarding, whether dog or cat, bird or ferret, rabbit or reptile, is not only essential it’s increasingly competitive. Along with dog daycare, the demand for pet boarding services has experienced remarkable growth as pets are increasingly “humanized,” considered integral family members who are parented not owned.

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Benefits of using UV disinfection for your pet boarding and daycare business:

  • Tests show Aerapy Animal Health’s UV can kill more than 99% of Bordetella brochiseptica (kennel cough), parvovirus, distemper, calicivirus, canine influenza, among other infectious pathogens.

  • Helps reduce animal to animal transmission of viruses and bacteria.

  • Addresses the increasing demand for advanced infection control by customers.

  • Helps prevent an infectious disease outbreak and associated catastrophic losses.

  • Using UV to sanitize the air can help set you apart from the competition.

  • Eliminates the cost of yearly maintenance for HVAC coil cleaning.

  • Effective UV solutions for areas without HVAC system.

Pet parents today expect advanced infection control protocols.

Like veterinary personnel, pet care staff are on the frontlines of zoonotics, those diseases that transfer between animals and humans. Pet boarding and daycare centers, filled with animals and the humans who care for them, must also contend with animal-specific and human-specific pathogens. While ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, or UV, has been used for disinfection in human healthcare settings for close to century, it is not as well known for animal health. Nevertheless, the same disinfecting principles apply and may be even more critical in animal care environments to not only prevent animal to animal transmission, but to help the humans as well. To learn more about how germicidal UV disinfects air and surfaces, visit our Science Behind UV page.

Even a single outbreak can wreak immediate havoc on operating costs.

In the short-term, bookings drop while the facility is closed for disinfection in the event of an outbreak of a contagious disease like canine (kennel) cough, canine influenza, or parvovirus. Reputation may be damaged in the long-term. UV technology not only helps pet boarding and daycare facilities protect the health of the animals, staff, and the business, but using UV to sanitize the air can help set them apart from the competition. Aerapy Animal Health’s UV technology helps protect pet and staff health while helping prevent potentially catastrophic losses due to an infectious disease outbreak.

There is no “one size fits all” UV solution for pet boarding and daycare.

Disinfection is critical for animal care environments but every environment is different, which is why Aerapy Animal Health offers a variety of UV technology solutions. For those with HVAC, our in-duct UV is integrated with your HVAC system to help continuously clean the air. Our upper air UV units can work as standalone equipment or in combination with HVAC systems for more immediate, targeted air cleaning in higher risk areas like lobbies and quarantine rooms. Our UV surface disinfecting equipment can also be used to follow-up after normal surface cleaning to help ensure no areas are missed.

Sanitizing your Pet’s Daycare

Aerapy Animal Health collaborates with UV experts, scientists, and veterinarians to help ensure specific pet boarding and daycare needs are being met and understood. To help ensure precisely how much germicidal energy is needed, our UV systems and proprietary sizing method are based on a continuously updated database of new, emerging, and existing zoonotic, animal, and human pathogens. Whatever your particular pet care environment requires, Aerapy Animal Health’s researched, tested, and study-backed UV systems have been shown to kill more than 99.9% of tested virus and bacterial pathogens. See our Research & Studies page for details.

UV Disinfection Solutions for the Animal Care Industry

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In-Duct UV for HVAC Systems

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Upper Air UV Systems

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UV for Mobile Services

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