UV Disinfection for Pet Homes

Benefits of UV Disinfection in Your Home

Did you know the air inside your home may be contaminated with mold, bacteria, and viruses? Moreover, research indicates people spend approximately 90% of their time indoors. That’s time breathing the same trapped and contaminated air—bad for you and your furry family members. Improve their quality of life—and yours—with Aerapy Animal Health’s UV disinfection technology for your home.

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Benefits of using UV disinfection in your home:

  • Improves indoor air quality.

  • Commercial strength UV for residential pet foster homes.

  • Helps protect the pets and people in your home by reducing possible zoonotic exposure.

  • Effective UV solutions for small areas without an HVAC system.

  • BONUS: Helps eliminate allergens and airborne contaminants for humans, too!

Residential UV Sanitization

Pathogens are trapped inside your home.

Tight, energy-efficient homes designed to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter can also trap inside pathogens that make both 2-legged and 4-legged family members sick with allergies, asthma, and other airborne illnesses that endlessly circulate through the air, putting you and your pets at risk.

UV technology is used in healthcare settings to help prevent the spread of infectious disease.

To help prevent the spread of infectious disease, UV technology has been used in healthcare settings for close to a century and, now, you can enjoy sanitized air benefits in your home. Crucially, Aerapy Animal Health is not the typical UV used in residential HVAC to clean coils. Unlike Aerapy Animal Health’s UV that is tailored to your specific environment, “over the counter” UV does not have the strength to effectively eliminate pathogens in one air pass. In short, Aerapy Animal Health is commercial strength UV for residential homes. The company got its start more than a decade ago to improve a home’s indoor air quality for a family pet.

A diagram showing how Aerapy's UV devices sanitizes air as it flows through an HVAC system

How UV sanitization works in your home.

Think of cleaning the air somewhat like cooling the air. Very simply put, air conditioners work by cooling air as it passes through them. Hot air goes in, cold air comes out. Similarly, air is cleaned as it passes through Aerapy Animal Health’s UV equipment installed in your HVAC system. UV can kill pathogens in the air and help destroy microorganisms and germs clinging to your HVAC coils and trapped in your system. Aerapy Animal Health’s air sanitizing UV technology, in combination with allergen filters, works with both new and existing HVAC systems to continually clear the air of allergens while killing more than 99.9% of tested virus and bacterial pathogens at their source.

UV Disinfection Solutions for the Animal Care Industry

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In-Duct UV for HVAC Systems

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Upper Air UV Systems

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UV for Mobile Services

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I TOTALLY noticed cleaner, fresher air.

PetAirapy* has made my family happier and healthier. Between fostering cats from the Human Society, my son’s allergies, and constantly trying to treat my Lab’s ear infections, I was very concerned about eliminating irritants in my house and improving the air quality. PetAirapy* did just that!

— Tierra B., Reno, NV
*Now Aerapy Animal Health