Air Cleaning vs Coil Cleaning

The difference between air cleaning and coil cleaning.

Coil cleaning is a smart and money-saving benefit of using UV in your HVAC system. Air cleaning helps mitigate pathogens in the air by using UV in your HVAC system (and in standalone upper air equipment). Same principle but potentially different outcomes if a key goal is to prevent the spread of infectious disease. Coil cleaning is not the same as air cleaning and for health of the animals, your staff, and your business, it’s important to understand the difference.

Coil Cleaning

About Coil Cleaning

UV light professionally installed in an HVAC unit will breakdown the biofilm, mold, and hair, not allowing them to adhere to the coils. With the coils continually clean, thereby not blocking airflow or causing any pressure drop, energy savings are generated and the cost of yearly maintenance for coil cleaning is eliminated. Aerapy Animal Health UV systems for HVAC provide this benefit. Learn more on our Energy Savings page.

UV purification in office

About Air Cleaning

Air cleaning uses UV technology to help prevent the spread of infectious disease. UV is a proven, professional-level means of disinfection for indoor environments where maintaining sanitary air circulation is critical. Cleaning the air also helps mitigate pathogens while in the air before they have the opportunity to land on surfaces. Using UV for air cleaning is backed by science and has a long history of use in human healthcare. Learn more on our Science Behind UV page. Air can be cleaned by integrating UV in HVAC systems and with upper air UV units.

It all comes down
to what the UV systems can do in

Companies that design and install UV for coil cleaning can make the claim that their UV systems kill 99% of pathogens and while, technically, that may be true, it can be misleading.

For example, for air cleaning, if you have a 22″ HVAC plenum with 2500cfm’s of air moving through it at high speeds, you have less than one second to kill the pathogens before they recirculate through your facility’s supply vents. Yes, 99% of the ones that make contact may be killed, but 99% of how many overall? You could easily be looking at a 10–20% reduction of pathogens out of 100%. This is not helpful as, quickly, you may have millions more pathogens following right behind.

With our proprietary sizing method, Aerapy Animal Health UV systems are designed for the correct amount of contact, dwell, and intensity, and are researched, tested, and study-backed to achieve a 99.9% kill rate in one air pass. See our Research & Studies page for details.

The best of both worlds.

Aerapy Animal Health’s UV systems for HVAC are designed to offer both coil cleaning and air cleaning benefits. Our UV analysis software is an advanced, proprietary tool for evaluating UV air and surface disinfection technologies in indoor environments. This unique software developed by Aerapy Animal Health helps maximize disinfection and savings.

Learn more about Aerapy Animal Health's UV disinfection technology for HVAC systems.